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Vitamins and the Immune System

The pandemic we all are experiencing right now, has caused confusion and a lack of understanding between the public and the medical professionals on the front lines caring for those that are sick. One thing we all seem to agree on is, that those who are more susceptible to all viral infections , have a weak immune system. Studies conducted over the world have shown that certain vitamin supplements in malnourished individuals, leave them open to infection. Know Dat Grow Dat will show an info chart from the Linus Pauling Foundation that lists the vitamin or mineral supplement, and the basic food source for that vitamin or mineral. What we want everyone to understand, is that plant based diets have soluble vitamins and minerals that are readily accessible via diet. Microgreens offer the perfect food product to obtain those vitamins and minerals necessary for a strong immune system. Please feel free to go to the "Our Produce " section on this website. Click the product, and the link will take you to the USDA food database. There you can see the vitamins and minerals contained in each product. Remember "True Wealth is Perfect Health"...Peace and many blessings.

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