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Meet the Gardener

Mr. Michael C. Beauchamp Sr., is a 1976 Graduate of Xavier University College of Pharmacy, with 44 years of experience of practicing pharmacy. Mr. Beauchamp has been a member of the Hollygrove Market and Farm since its inception post-Hurricane Katrina. As a member, he has acquired the necessary skills of sustainable, agricultural practices, and learned about the relationship plant-based diets have on diet-related illnesses. Based on current medical research, that indicates plant-based diets can reverse certain diet-related ailments, Mr. Beauchamp created Know Dat Grow Dat. Through his creation of Know Dat Grow Dat, he has been committed to exploring growing techniques of plants to prevent diet-related illness. Mr. Beauchamp continues to strive to educate the general public regarding disease prevention. The belief is prevention enhances longevity, and lowers the cost of healthcare overall. Mr. Michael C. Beauchamp Sr. stands by the phrase, “Longevity in every bite”

Urban Farmer

Our Story

Post Hurricane Katrina the city of New Orleans was in a

(to put it lightly) rebuilding phase. As we literally put our lives back together, the Hollygrove Market and Farm was established. It afforded Hollygrove residents a community  garden where we could use sustainable techniques to grow fruit and vegetables for your personal consumption. The lessons learned at the Hollygrove Market and Farm have evolved into our company Know Dat Grow Dat. We are urban growers of seasonal fruit and vegetables, as well as our prized micro greens. As a retired pharmacist, I know how important good nutrition enhances disease prevention. Micro greens are not only power packed with essential vitamins and minerals. The taste profiles are phenomenal. We have a deep appreciation for good tasting food in New Orleans. Know Dat Grow Dat is proud to continue that tradition.

Urban Farmer
Urban Gardening
Urban Farmer
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